Mississauga Theatre Alliance

Maja Prentice Theatre (formerly Burnhamthorpe Library Theatre)

The Maja Prentice Theatre is considered Mississauga's "hidden gem", an intimate, 201-seat proscenium theatre. Complete with modern technical equipment, dressing rooms, this accessible, climate-controlled facility is perfect for any performing arts and cultural group producing a live event.

The Maja Prentice Theatre is located at 3650 Dixie Road, on the southwest corner of Burnhamthorpe Road East and Dixie Road, inside the Burnhamthorpe Branch Library.

The Theatre as 201 seats. There are 10 rows of seating, with seating divided into three sections by two aisles. Each row of seating is raised higher than the preceeding row. There are no visual obstructions.

The Theatre boasts a new lobby* and box office*. Audience members have access to public washrooms and vending machines.

The Theatre comes equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment including:

♦ lighting instruments (Zooms, Fresnels and Cyc lights) and a light board

♦ speakers (fix-mounted and effects speakers), and CD/cassette playback

♦ black curtain legs and borders and a permanent cyclorama

♦ program sound and communications (head-set) system


To arrange a tour or to rent the Maja Prentice Theatre, please contact Darlene Gow, General Manager at 416-910-4073

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